Little Books with Big Hearts..

LittleBig Books publish little books that lead to big thinking: Little thoughts with a big impact; little changes that create big shifts; little ripples that are transformed into grand waves.

Little ideas, big outcomes. Little whispers, big meanings. Little gems, big values. Little sparkling lights, big bright beams illuminating the path ahead. Little inspirations, big spirits.

Little books, big hearts.

LittleBig Books proudly present:
Bish and the Magic Bow & Arrow
An inspiring little story with a great big heart.
Bish and the Magic Bow and Arrow


“The themes throughout the book were very uplifting and made me feel very happy.  If you believe in something you can do anything.”
Mrs Walton. Head Teacher, Greenford

“A tender and inspiring tale to make you believe in the magical possibilities of life.”
Caroline. Author, Ladbroke Grove.

“ We read ‘Bish and the Magic Bow and Arrow’ over several storytimes as a class. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were truly inspired- lots of them were seen playing ‘Bish and Yerta’ in the playground afterwards. A quote from my class:
'Please can we read The Bish Book now?' (asked first thing in the mornings)“
Miss Edwards, Year 2 Teacher, Ruislip


So… What’s with the Meerkat? Well… Meerkats are little animals with big lives in little communities in a big world. They are small in stature but big in many meaningful ways. We really like Meerkats, so we’ve chosen one as our animal totem.
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